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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the best age for "The Ultimate Magical Birthday Party?"
Brian's shows are customized according to the age range and best for parties where majority of the ages are between 4 to 10 years old.  
2.  How many children should I invite to the party?
We recommend between 10 and 20 kids, but you can have as much as 30.
3.  Should I serve food before or after the entertainment?
We recommend that you schedule Brian near the beginning of your party and plan the food for afterwards.  Please DO NOT serve food during the show.
4.  Can the show be outdoors?
Brian's show can be performed outside if weather allows, but please note that shows always go better inside.   Brian must be on a flat surface and preferably in the shade.   It is a great idea to provide a large blanket for the kids to sit on.
5.  Can I take pictures and/or video of the show?
We ask that you PLEASE NOT video record the entire show.  However, we highly recommend video of the kids reactions and the routines involving the birthday child. (These video clips will be priceless.)  Photos are fine too.
6.  Can I have the show in a restaurant?
If you are having the party in a restaurant, here are tips to follow to get the best show possible:
  • Be sure to tell the owner you are bringing in entertainment.
  • Try to find a restaurant with a private room. (the show is loud as the kids are encouraged to shout and participate during the show)
  • Let the wait staff know what time you are starting the show.
  • Ask them to provide a cleared area for the children to sit on the floor in front of the show area. The children cannot be in chairs. (approximate size required is a 12 x 10 area)
  • Have the restaurant turn off any background music during the show.
  • Brian will need access to an electrical outlet within 15 feet of the performance space.
7. Why do the children need to sit on the floor?
The children sitting on the floor provides a more intimate experience, better control and better viewing.  Chairs in the back for adults is great too.


8. I am having my party at home, where is the best place in my home to have the show?

Normally any room with an open space for the kids to sit on the floor works well. The fewer obstacles between the kids and the show the better.   Please cover toys and remove as many distractions as possible.  

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