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Used Items For Sale

The following items have been barely used and are available for purchase.  The price does not include shipping.  Pay for the item and I will charge you separately for the exact shipping fee and nothing more.


Off The Meter

Off the Meter is the ultimate warm up device, guaranteed to get your audience PUMPED up to a 10 with excitement! It can be used as an applause meter, IQ meter, Fun-Meter, anything!  Only used 2x!   See demo.


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Deluxe Sucker Die Box - Sold

A classic sucker effect.  Place die inside and turn the box on its side.  Open one door and watch as the kids think they know how it is done.  Open all the doors and it has vanished.  You can even make it reappear in a hat!  Barely used.   


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Burnt Shoe Trick Box 

Originally called Wizcote, this funny routine is great.   Borrow a child's shoe and claim to clean it, but something goes wrong and the shoe is burnt to crisp.  Awesome prop.   Only used three times. Watch video


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Dozen Soft Thumbtips (Medium) 

We have about 10 packages each with a dozen each. Buy one or as many as you want.  You can never have enough thumbtips.  All brand new!  


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Rabbit Wand 

You explain that you are going to turn your volunteer into a rabbit.  You wave the wand and (it unrolls) to reveal a rabbit with a hold cut out and the child's face.  Very funny bit.  Barely used.


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Ventriloquism Made Easy - SOLD

Learn the art of ventriloquism.  This great paperback book will teach you step-by-step how to develop great vent skills and can learn to be a ventriloquist too.  Used, but in great condition.



The Life And Times Of The Legend Annemann - SOLD

This huge book is 621 pages of just about every magic creation of Ted Annemann.  Want to master some amazing mentalism?  This hardbound book will keep you learning and adding to your mentalism show. 



The Secrets Of Brother John Hamman - SOLD

John Hamman's effects, sleights, and handling of a pack of cards are used by magicians all over the world. He has no use for time-worn sleights — he creates new ones to fit the effects he dreams up. He is truly a titan with a pack of cards.  Hardbound and in new condition. 



Modus Operandi - The Card Magic Of Jack Carpenter  - SOLD

This is the book that founded the reputation of Jack Carpenter back in 1992, establishing him as one of the shining new lights of quality sleight-of-hand card magic. The magic in Modus Operandi was fresh and exciting when it appeared, and it remains so.  Hardbound.  Good condition. 


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Abbott's Encyclopedia Of Rope Tricks For Magicians - SOLD

Legendary encyclopedia for magicians contains over 150 tricks: Loop the Loop, Jamison's Severed Rope, The Tarbell Rope Mystery, The Encore Rope Trick, Eddie Clever’s Triple Cut Routine, Bachelor's Needle and many more. Step-by-step instructions and over 500 illustrations show you how to master these dazzling feats.  Softbound and in good condition.



Imagication - T.G. Murphy - SOLD

I believe this book is no longer published.  It is hardbound and a great resource for not only card tricks, but how to create your own sleights.  This book teaches how to be original.  Really good condition.  



Magic By Misdirection - Daniel Fitzkee

This great hardbound book teaches all about the psychology of misdirection.  The Fitzkee books are a must for every magician's library.  Cover has wear, but the book is in good shape.


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Just Christmas Tree

If you already own The Green Machine and are looking for a great ending to your recycling message - Just Christmas Tree is the perfect ending.  Only used once.  You have to already own Green Machine.  Watch video.


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