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Virtual Shows
NOW Available


Brian's Virtual Shows are receiving rave reviews from schools, preschools, libraries, camps, and parents alike.  Whether you need a show to just make them laugh or a show that will educate and motive, Brian's shows have been converted into virtual, highly produced online programs that will captivate your kids.

Depending on the age and program you choose, your virtual show will feature magic, comedy, juggling, ventriloquism, story-telling, and more.  In addition, Brian's shows feature On-Screen Interactive Magic that your kids can participate in from home.


Brian's shows and educational assemblies are presented on YouTube Live which we believe to be the best platform for his performances.  The show is then followed with a Meet 'N Greet on Zoom or Google Meet for a quick Q&A to follow.

All of Brian Richards' virtual shows are shot on a real stage with a $40,000 lighting system.  The shows use a 16 foot high backdrop, some of the best quality mics, and multiple pro cameras to capture the best and most engaging angles.

Best part, these shows can be presented ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

current shows available 

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