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Do your kids need a boost in MATHEMATICS?
Do your students needs some MATH motivation?

Math Magical is a 45 minute production designed to get your kids pumped about math.  With Math Magical, math is never boring.   In fact, it is exciting, fun, and cool!  


Using MAGIC, COMEDY, and TONS of AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION, Brian Richards will make math come alive.    The show is designed for grades Pre K - 6 and every show will get your kids excited about...


  • Problem Solving

  • Probabilities

  • Fractions

  • Geometry

  • And so much more...


Your students and staff will learn an awesome math trick that will stimulate their brains and fool their families.   They will discover that MATH is FUN, EVERYWHERE, and IMPORTANT.   Finally, they will learn and remember that they need to Study Math To Be On A Better Path.


Math Magical is awesome any time of the year and it is available in schools and camps all over the USA.



Virtual SHOWS

Get ready for an amazing experience ONLINE that your kids will lOVE!


Using magic, comedy, and On-Screen Interactive Magic, Math Magical is designed to come to classrooms, living rooms, or anywhere there in an internet connection.  


Shot on a real stage in a real theater, Brian's shows use the best backdrops, a $40,000 lighting system, professional sound, music, and multiple cameras for the BEST viewing experience.  Every show is presented on YouTube Live with a special interactive Meet 'N Greet to follow on Zoom.  Best part...we provide you all the links!

Watch as your kids and students are glued to their screens and the best part...they will get excited about MATH!

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