in-person or VIRTUAL

in-person SHOWS

Only $350*

Virtual SHOWS

Only $275

The ocean is full of possibilities and so is the library! 


Using magiccomedystory-tellingpuppets, and moreDive Deep into Books will get your kids excited about reading and their library

*Live Show pricing good only for weekday shows (M-F) in NJ, Eastern PA, and Delaware.  Virtual shows are available anywhere throughout the U.S.  See below... 

Get ready for an amazing experience ONLINE that your kids will lOVE!


Using magic, comedy, story-telling, puppets, and On-Screen Interactive Magic, Dive Deep Into Books is designed to come to libraries, living rooms, or anywhere there in an internet connection.  


Brian's virtual studio uses the best backdrops, quality lighting, professional sound, music, and multiple cameras. for the BEST viewing experience.  Every show is presented on Zoom or Google Meet.  Best part...everyone has the BEST seat in the house!

Watch as your kids and students are glued to their screens and the best part...they will learn and be motivated to READ!


Your kids will meet Sando The Pelican, who has a great appetite for seafood and an even greater appetite for books. Your kids will be on the edge of their seats as they see amazing tricks that will get them laughing with joy.  Most importantly, your child patrons will be motivated to take advantage of their GREAT library.

Available for the Summer of 2022 only.  BOOK NOW before all the good summer dates disappear!!

*Virtual pricing is good for up to 150 screens/views.